Friday, December 5, 2014

Serial: The Strange Story of Adnan Syed

Story by Sarah Koenig

This is a podcast rather than an audiobook but it has all the entertainment value of a good mystery novel and much more.

This podcast will take you back to the pre-television days when American families would huddle around their radio each night after a nice pork chop dinner to listen to their favorite radio programs.

Serial gives you the opportunity to play desktop-detective. This podcast was what broke my ice into podcasts, I didn’t really have an interest in them prior to a friend turning me onto this one through a Facebook group discussion.

So let’s get to it, basically with efforts to not be a spoiler; This 17 year old, now 32 year old Adnan Syed gets locked up 7 months after his x-girlfriend is murdered. Do you remember what you were doing exactly 7 months ago today? What teenager can remember what they did yesterday? or 7 days ago? Well this the premise of the story, you are the detective and you get to (rhetorically) decide if Adnan is innocent or not, and its NOT obvious. What is great about this series is all of the strange little side stories. There are a lot of random characters and each random character had a really strange part to play; Streakers, Drug Dealers, Koreans, Americans, Muslims, Detectives, 1990’s Cell Phones, Best Buy Parking lots, Teachers, and much more!

Give episode one a listen and see if it interests you, its the biggest podcast in the US right now, so it just might! One thing I like about Serial, and I think it is very important to all Audiobooks and Podcasts is that Sarah Koenig has a very nice voice. If you listen to an audio series and the reader has a harsh voice or annoying accent, it makes it far less enjoyable.

28 - 54 minutes per episode.

Audience 16 and up.

I rate this podcast  4/5 stars. Taking one star because of seeming rhetoricality of the outcome. 

Genre: murder mystery, crime procedural, pensive character study, Investigative journalism, Serialized audio narrative

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