Friday, August 28, 2015

World War Z

By Max Brooks

WWZ was a good short little listen. It kind of starts towards the beginning of the epidemic and kind of ends towards the end of it. The book is a series of people’s stories as they are interviewed by a reporter (of sorts). There’s some interesting originality in some of the very basic plot line. The plot being that there is an out break of, well the dead becoming reanimated. The stories are of survival for the most part. The book is fairly fast paced and easy to listen to, even if you are at work and keep getting interrupted by client emails. There's not a lot more to say about this audiobook. If you like zombie stories, this one is pretty entertaining for about the day and a half that it lasts. I enjoyed it, my two work days went a little fast with World War Z.

Length: 14 hours 3 minutes.

 4/5 Stars

Audience: 17 and up

Genre: Action, Horror, Drama, Thriller, Science Fiction, Adventure

Book to Movie Rating: A

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