Monday, February 2, 2015

The Total Money Makeover

By: Dave Ramsey

Yes I have strayed out of fantasy and fiction territory this week, promise to be back next week, but don't discount this week because it gets a 5-Star Audiobook Rating!...

If you are going to be listening to audiobooks quite a bit at work, in the car, or whatever else, you may as well throw in an educational piece once in awhile to change things up. I have listened to The Total Money Makeover many times and have listened to Dave Ramsey’s various other books and it has helped me immensely with my own personal finances. Infact, TTMM has completely changed my life!  

TTMM is basically an extremely power packed version of all the financial advice your grandma would give you. It’s a life time of learning all in one audiobook. This book teaches you a lot of simple principals that most people don’t realize or think about until its too late. If you are looking for a get rich scheme, then look some where else. This is a Get-Rich-Slow-and-Stay-Rich-Slow scheme. Dave takes you through all the various aspects of finances throughout your lifetime. He has a plan for you to get on in "baby-steps". If you are like the majority of Americans you have some or a mountain of student or consumer debt. This book is definitely for you if you are tired of the annoying debt collection phone calls or if you are really pissed off about giving most of your bi-weekly paycheck to SallieMae. 

If/once you have no debt he gives you more baby steps on how to invest wisely and informs you on the best methods for the various levels of financial well-being. Some forms of insurance, investing, retirement plans are good, but he will instruct you on the most proven ones, the ones you can count on. Dave is all about "Murphy(’s law) proofing" your life. Getting you set up so if you get set back, you are ready for Murphy with no worries. Getting on a written monthly budget may sound boring, but it's amazing how much more money you have when you do. Are you like I used to be and you have no idea where your money goes every month? The average family says $8000 in the first three months after implementing his methods.

I recommend this book as highly as any. If you are sick and tired of  being sick and tired, this book is for you. Are you interesting in upping your game? Give this book a listen. Are you a semi intelligent person willing to admit that you don’t know everything about everything? Listen to Dave Ramsey, who has been bankrupt several times after becoming a millionaire in his twenties. He is now a big time millionaire and does all he can to help people avoid all the common mistakes. You can learn to live debt free, and build for a bright future.

Runtime: 3 hours 41 minutes

Ages 12 & up

 5/5 Stars 

Genre: Non-fiction, Finance

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  1. I couldn't agree more. I smiled when I saw you had reviewed this. I read this book, but also have it in audio. The information in this book changed my life as well and I listen to The Dave Ramsey podcast regularly. #TeamDebtFree