Monday, December 22, 2014

The Complete Arthur Conan Doyle,
Sherlock Holmes
BBC Dramatization

Everyone is a fan of a good mystery, and I think we all love the Sherlock Holmes and Elementary television shows. I was drawn to listen to the BBC Dramatization series because of both, the great TV shows, and semi-entertaining recent Downey Jr. movies. I always like to go straight to the source and truth of the fiction of which I listen.
Doyle’s first Sherlock Holmes writing was completed in 1886 so I was curious to see how entertaining a story so old would be, but was not disappointed in the least. The dramatization was well done, and not annoying like some audio-dramas I’ve listened to in the past. There hasn’t been much lost in the translation of time as far as the stories and Sherlock’s own character. He was, and is still your lovable drug addict with the super power of deduction. As you likely know he is known for the powers of observation and can quickly deduce the methods of crimes like no one in fiction history or Scotland Yard.

In this BBC dramatized series you find all 74 short stories, each one ranging in lengths from 41 minutes to 57 minutes. Most are stand alone stories, but a few are diptychs. You could either listen to these straight through, or listen to them here and there when you don’t feel like getting deep into a lengthy series of connecting audiobooks. The re-listen-abiity is great with these stories. I’ve gone back and re-listened to a few stories and found only vague recollection. It's a good fun series, I recommend them if you enjoy a good, old-school mystery.

74 Stories, ranging from 41-57 minutes.

Suitable for all ages

☆ 4/5 Stars 

Genres: Literature, Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Adventure, Action, Crime. Drama
Book to Movie Grade: C+

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