Monday, March 2, 2015

NPH: Double Feature

By: Neil Patrick Harris

The Bro Code & Choose Your Own Autobiography.

Neil Patrick Harris, the Legend. NPH has released two creative books for our listening pleasure. These audiobooks are both very multidimensional. They are much more than a listening experience. In both cases he encourages listeners to be very hands-on. A PDF is included with the Bro Code, with facts, figures, diagrams, and lots of fun pictures. Choose your own Biography is much the same, be sure to have a deck of cards on hand because you will learn a lot of magic throughout this magical listening experience. I feel like both of these audiobooks are best enjoyed in paper form, but are still great for listening. Try not to laugh too much while listening at work, your co-workers might give you strange looks and before you know it audiobooks will be banned because of you and NPH.

The Bro Code, written by NPH’s Alter Ego Barney Stenson, is a book of rules and regulations on how to be a Bro, what Bro’s do and what Bro’s do not do, also what is a Bro? Are you a Bro? Is your sister a Bro? While written largely for men who want to “bang more chicks” There are a few things that Barney speaks to women about. No matter your sex, this is a hilarious listen and is relatively short. If you are a HIMYM fan, you will love this audiobook.

When you were a kid did you ever read Choose-Your-Own Adventure books? Where you read a chapter then you decide if you go into the creepy Circus Tent, or go explore the Ferris Wheel of Death? Well, that is how NPH chose to write his autobiography. If you are into magic and the personal lives of celebrities, then you will love this book. Of the autobiographies that I have listened to, this was probably the best. He talks all about his life, growing up, all the way through the creation of Barney Stenson, and today with his man, David and kids… and hanging out in Greece with Sir Elton and his man, David.

NPH is an extremely talented Actor, writer, and self proclaimed magician. If you have enjoyed his work on his various platforms I would suggest both of these highly entertaining and innovative books. NHP is his own person, has come a long way from the in-the-closet Doogie Howser and doesn’t care what you think. He’s friends with Sir Elton John, and almost got beat up by Tweeter from Varsity Blues.

Bro Code: 1hr 43 Minutes.
Choose Your Own Autobiography: 7 hr 16 Minutes

 ★★★☆☆ 3/5 Stars

Genre: Non-fiction, fiction, humor, autobiography, adult, memoir, 

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