Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Gone Girl

By Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl was about a three day listen for me, the first day it was long but not terrible, the second day I started loving the audiobook, then the third day I was hooked all the way up to the end. The end of the audiobook felt really rushed. The first half of the book was really drawn out then the end was too quick, a lot developed in way too short a time. The actual ending of the book was very unsatisifying. I read a couple of blogs about the ending to see where other people were at, and it seemed that no one really liked the ending, but someone liked it enough to make an Affleck movie out of it. 

Now, what’s the book about? Basically a murder mystery, Nick the main character’s wife disappears and the entire world is looking at him as the main suspect. Did he do it? Is he innocent? You’ll have to listen and see. There is blood, a destroyed living room, a secret lover, a treasure hunt, rapists, stalkers! There are some cool parts where there are kind of puzzles to figure out, and there are some twisted scenarios. Give Gone Girl a try, but put the audiobook towards the middle or bottom of your list.

★★ 2/5 Stars 

Length 18 hours 11 minutes.

Audience: Ages 17 & up.

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Mystery

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