Monday, November 16, 2015

To Kill a Mockingbird

By: Harper Lee

I listened to this audiobook years after reading it in High School. It is unfortunate that schools require this book because it ruins it for kids who hate homework and only skim in order to write the required paper. This book is outstanding, even though this book was written in 1960, it still stands out in the 2010s. If you are sensitive to use of the N word more recent audiobook editions have eliminated the majority of the word. This was a partially true story written by Harper Lee, who won a Pulitzer. The story is largely about Scout Finch, daughter to Atticus Finch and sister to Jem Finch. The two children are growing up and learning to see the world through the eyes of an adult and in the shoes of other people, as they see how poorly African Americans were treated, as they continually and innocently spy on mysterious neighbor Boo Radley, Run from dangerous local men, and learn from the random interesting people who live in their town.I recommend this book very much. It is funny at times and ultra serious at times. It’s a good little historical piece as well as a terrific piece of American literature

★★ 4/5 Stars
Runtime Approximately 12 hours
For ages 10-100
Genre: Fiction, Bildungsroman, Thriller, Southern Gothic