Monday, February 23, 2015

Eragon: Inheritance Cycle

Okay, so if you were to tell me to check out the writing of a 19-year-old homeschool kid from Montana who dresses up like he's going to the Renaissance fair to promote his really neat book about magic,  I would probably discredit everything that proceeds from your gob until you buy be a really nice breakfast. Today I am, you telling me that, and I won't be buying you that delicious Country-fried steak breakfast with eggs over easy, hash browns, wheat toast and coffee; black, because this four part audiobook series was really good. Remembering that the books were written by the aforementioned dorky 19-year-old, I believe this series could be put at the top of most lists not too far under Tolkien or Rowling. It isn't off the wall amazing like those two authors, I also wonder if the Eragon series has the same re-play-ability as Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. What I'm postulating is that I enjoyed listening to it more than any other audiobook I've listened to with the exception of LOTR or HP.

Now that I've rambled a bunch, and got you salivating, let's talk about the Quadrilogy or Tetralogy if you must. Like every good series, a young boy is given a quest and all along the way he picks up sweet, new abilities that make him super powerful to defeat the super bad guy. In this case there is a lot of magic and a few pet best friend dragons. There are elves, dwarves, humans, and some beings that were new to me like: Urgals, Shades, Raz'ac, Nidwal, Lethrblaka, and Werecars.

I'm going to suggest this series to you. Don't expect a lot, and you will be very pleasantly surprised, expect a lot and it might not live up to expectations. This was a great audiobook to listen to at work. It took me about a week of work days and I was sucked in the entire time. It has a lot going on but isn't so deep that you could get lost if you miss a few parts.

 5/5 Stars 

Runtime: Approx. 100 hours.

Genre: Young-Adult, Fiction, High Fantasy, Fantasy, Magic, Adventure

Book to Movie Grade: C

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