Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Adventures of Huck and Tom

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn & Tom Sawyer
By Mark Twain

These were two separate books, that I listened to back to back. Tom and Huck are both two young boys who love adventure. Sometimes the lines are blurred between what is reality and what is real, and this makes for a really good listen. While both boys are pretty feral, Tom Sawyer lives in a house with a kindly old lady, somewhat regularly goes to school and church, while Huck Finn lives in and out with his drunken father. Huck feel more suited to live in old barns, caves, and the such so the church people don’t tell him he can’t smoke, have a good chew, or cuss. The two boys kind of envy each other, but are unable to go all in, into the others’ lifestyle because its just a little extreme. This makes for a really good team, because they can both temporarily go all in, or a day or two at a time. Did I mention they are both rich? You’ll have to listen to learn about that.
I quite enjoyed these audiobooks. It took be about two work days to get through them. I had a bit of culture shot when listening to them because they are extremely NOT 2000’s politically correct.These books were written in the late 1880’s while slavery was still very current. While it is an interesting looking into our past, if you are sensitive to certain words that end with R, you might want to read the versions I hear speak of that have edited these books to be an easier listen for the 2015-Politically-Correct ear.

It’s nice once in awhile to take a break from current Syfy and Fantasy to go back to try out a classic. I recommend this for a 2-day listen. I tried to write you a review on The Canterbury Tales but the combo of poetry and old english got to me in about two minutes. I should research to see if anyone was rewritten them in modern English and also unpoetrized them. Yes, I invented a word just now, someone go ahead and Urban dictionize that. and also that. I was able to listen to this thanks to a contributor at www.librivox.com.

Runtime: Aprx 16.7 hours

                                                                                          ★★☆ 4/5 Stars

                                             Genre: Children's Literature, Adventure, Classic, Bildungsroman

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