Monday, December 15, 2014

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Author: JRR Tolkien

When telling an English Professor friend I was about to write a review on the Lord of the Rings Trilogy he said; “Well that will be easy, It’s only one of the best audiobooks ever made, it’ll make you not want to listen to anything else because of it’s written so much better than any other series.”

I find this true, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy could ruin you for many other audiobooks because whatever you listen to at work afterwards will seem inferior. As I said of the prequel, Tolkien has such vivid descriptions of his lands and the people living in them, that there is little left for the imagination.

So in case you missed the boat entirely on what The Lord of the Rings is, I will ferry you across. LOTR is the Epic Fantasy Adventure of Frodo Baggins a tiny Halfing (Hobbit) of the Shire. He offers to take an evil ring of great power and destroy it in the fires of Mt. Doom. All along the way he experiences many wonderful and dreadful things with this companion Samwise.

As I also said in my section on The Hobbit audiobook, you can elect to listen to the prequel before or after, there are no downsides to either choice. Then if you are nerdy enough, there is actually a bit of a prequel to the prequel. It is a brutal listen and I am not sure that I will recommend it for a listen while on the job. 

I’ve strayed, The LOTR Trilogy is an amazing series of which I have listened twice now, after actually reading the books, and I undoubtedly will have another listen before I expire.  It is a little harder to listen to in the workplace in comparison to The Hobbit because it is geared more towards an older, more mature crow, but I think you can handle it. If work calls your attention away for a bit you won’t miss a ton, but might miss the fine details of what Lothlorien smelled like on the morning of the first moon in autumn.

I would say for most people this would end up begin a two week listen. I recommend this audiobook series as highly as I would any other. If you don't enjoy it, maybe Oprah's audiobook recommendations are more your style. ;)

The Lord of the Rings Series
1. The Fellowship of the Ring
2. The Two Towers
3. The Return of the King

I rate this audiobook series       5/5 Stars.

Audience: 14 & Up.

Genre: Children's literature, Fantasy Novel, High Fantasy, Teen Fiction,  People’s & Cultures Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy

Audiobook length: 54 hours.

Book to Movie grade: A-

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