Monday, January 19, 2015

Divergent Trilogy

By: Veronica Roth

After seeing the movie I thought well, that was horrible, the audiobook series has to be better. I gave this audiobook trilogy a thorough listen and my initial response is...

In my opinion there is a bit of good and a lot of... this book definitely wasn't written for most 30 year old males. People have very accurately described the Divergent Series as a clash of Hunger Games and The Maze Runner. I say; a clash of those two audiobooks with a 14 year old girls diary and a whole lot of the same exact PG-12 kissing scenes several times in each chapter. I also think the writer tried naming her characters the ugliest names in the English language, and am also pretty sure the readers of these audiobooks were pronouncing a few words wrong/weird. (i.e. Pier)

So that's the bad let's talk about the good. When there isn't the aforementioned kissing and the "feelings-talks" it has all the makings of the shell of an interesting Post Apocalyptic survival story. Basically each person at some age, around 16 I believe, gets tested to decide what faction they will be sent to. Each faction has very unique qualities differing from the others and these factions all work together to live inside a more or less walled-in Chicago. One faction is made for security, one for food, one for thinking about things, I don't actually know what I'm talking about, it wasn't very clear/interesting.
I won't spoil it any more than that because you might run out of audiobooks at some point and decide that this is in the cards. That is where I would recommend this audiobook, and the very bottom of your list. It did entertain me for the better part of a week, but toward the end I just wanted it to be over. If you are a female, especially below the age of 16 I would recommend this much higher than to anyone outside of that demographic.

Series Listing:
(There might be a fourth called "Four")

Approximately 35 hours long, about 11.5 hours each.

Ages 12-16

 2/5 Stars 

Genre: Young-Adult Fiction, Science Fiction, Dystopia,  Utopian and Dystopian Fiction

Book to Movie Grade: B-

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  1. The Four books that you are referring to are small little shorts that Veronica Roth wrote about the character Four. They are:

    Four: The Transfer
    Four: The Initiate
    Four: The Son
    Four: The Traitor

    All of these should be read AFTER you read Divergent, even though they technically take place BEFORE Divergent.