Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Count of Monte Cristo

By Alexandre Dumas

Ok so after three weeks of trying my hardest to listen to this adventure, I am only on chapter 66 of 117. This is a brutal listen. I just can’t do it anymore, sorry to disappoint you. There were some parts that were really good and interesting, but a lot of blah bla. This book came highly recommended from several avid book readers and listeners. Two important things, I learned about audiobook listening; First the reader is most important, and a bad reader can really ruin a book for a listener. I started out with a Librivox collaborative reading. It was mainly read by Ana Simao, who Librivox tells me is no longer a reader and for very good reason. The switching back and forth was very hard to get used to as well. Simao barely spoke English, and I found myself spacing out and thinking about sandwiches quite often. I then switched to a much better single reader named David Clark. Clark did good accent imitations, but they got annoying really fast. I would like to readd this book to my “To Listen” list, but I want to get an abridged version from a company like Audible. Alexandre Dumas is way too wordy, I hate listening to scenes where its tons of sitting in a room catching characters up on back stories. There is tons of that. The other major downfall is that the main character Dontes, goes by a lot of aliases. It gets really confusing and I often felt like I was listening to a different story. I had to do online research to translate what I was listening to. I will chalk this one up to: “Not good for the work place listen” because you really have to focus. Big thanks to Cliff at The Count of Monte Cristo is an amazing movie, I was sorry that the audiobook didn’t connect with me more, as I said I heard it’s a great adventure book, maybe just a little, way too wordy. Let me know what you think. 

Rating: Unrated.

Length: Abridged Aprx 17.5 hours / Unabridged Aprx 50 hours

Genre: Adventure, Historical, Fiction

Book to Movie Rating: A+

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