Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Disc World

By Terry Pratchett

Okay so, if you've ever read any of my other reviews you know I pretty much always wait until a series is totally consumed before I chew on it awhile and spit it out at you, as it were.

Well there are 47 Disc World installments. I want you to know about these excellent books long before I finish them all years from now. One word to describe them: "whimsical" one book to describe them: "Hitchhikers Guide.."

They reminded me a lot of Hitchhikers Guide, but I might like Disc World just a little more.

I don't think these books could be taken in all back to back to back, so I listen to them in between other series or books within a series. These books are very different than most other pop series books that I try to keep up with, so its kind of a pallet re-setter.

The Photo at the bottom explains it all. The world is on the back of elephants who are on the back of a great turtle. This book series lets you get to know a wide cast of great characters from the brilliant mind of Terry Prachett, God rest his soul. In this series you will follow many characters on adventures all over the disc. Characters will run into each other from time to time from book to book. Disc World would be a great Netflix Original.

I totally recommend this series. Give it 2-3 books for your brain to properly lubricate and get on the same level as Disc World. This is one of those series that if you go in with no or low expectations, you will be blown away.

4/5 Stars
Run time:
Ages 14-62

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