Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Casual Vacancy

By JK Rowling

Quite the opposite of Harry Potter, Casual Vacancy is not very fun to listen to. The book is basically a Wes Anderson, dysfunctional family story without a character or two you learn to love regardless. The story is of a small town in England. There seems to be a vacancy around a town hall position that has opened up, though I could be wrong. The audiobook consisted of mini stories of several families. There isn't really a focal point of this story, Fats Wall is kind of the anti-hero. He smokes does the horizontal polka, and acts as "authentic" as possible. I've read that they are making a TV series out of this, I promise it won't be worth watching. This is my first bad book review, sorry to bring you down. Rowling must have wrote this book pre-soul-sell.

 1/5 Stars 

Ages 16 & Up

Runtime: Aprx 18 hours

  1. GenresFiction, Fantasy, Black comedy, Tragicomedy

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