Monday, February 9, 2015

Paddle Your Own Canoe

By: Nick Offerman

Paddle your own canoe is a collection of stories, thoughts, and advices from Nick Offerman, the actor who plays Ron Swanson on the wonderfully endearing Parks and Rec. It is not, however written by Ron. This will come as a disappointment to many, as Nick is not nearly as awesome.

It was an interesting audiobook for the most part. It gets a really toward the end when he talks more about Parks and Rec, his woodworking, and less rambling on his twisted views of religion and how he likes drugs a lot. He starts from the beginning of his life, Nick's life, not Ron's mind you. His upbringing, his athletic high school years, his artsy and colorful college experience, years in theater class, years of building sets, then tells how he finally broke into the entertainment industry and how Ron Swanson was born. 

I would recommend this book for anyone who is a big fan of Parks and Rec because you learn some of the behind the scene stuff which I found really interesting. He has some really good views on some things and has some others that are not so well thought out. My advice is to abridge this book for yourself. When ever he starts in about religion, simply hit "next chapter" Nick has some great points on how we should just be decent to each other, how we need to get away from time wasting electronics, and take up a worth while hobby. He also adds in a touch touch of some personally written poems and songs that make for a more enjoyable listen.

Runtime: Apx 10.5 hours

Ages 16 & up

 3/5 Stars

Genre: Non-fiction, humor, audio biography, autobiography

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